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I am Alexandr Jucov, born on 12 March 1969 in Chisinau, and I come from a family with a long history of solid moral values. The education that I have received from my parents - my father worked as a engineer-draftsman and my mother worked as a doctor – had helped me to build a successful career based on pragmatic principles.  


I have a proven track record of success in bringing disparate parties from around the world together. But first and foremost, I am a Moldovan through and through.

I have built my career and success on hard work and developing strong relationships with partners and even with opponents and competitors. The trust I have earned in these relationships has brought me a lot of support in my career.


My background and success are based on pragmatism. I built a career on solving problems between people and building consensus between groups from very different backgrounds to move together towards a common goal.


Just like any other Moldova citizen, I can see that our country needs change. I have worked hard to become a successful businessman and am both politically and financially independent from traditional influences and interest groups.

I want to bring experience of financial success, innovation and a strong vision for “Family, Equality and Unity” for all Moldova citizens, to turn Moldova into a Financial Hub and neutral Power Centre through sound fiscal and judiciary policies.

Founded by its CEO, Mr. Alexandr Jucov, a leading businessman originally from Moldova, is engaged in funding research and developing new technologies in the rapidly growing and critical areas of Renewable Energy Generation, Energy Storage Solutions, Sustainable Mobility, Logistics and Infrastructure Projects with positive social and regional development impact.


In addition, research into new technologies will be a primary focus of the Corporation involving both leading regional institutions within the CEE and in collaboration with global R&D centers and universities in USA, Europe and Asia.


While the current global crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and on-going climate change challenges have placed unprecedented stress on the social and economic structures of most nations, and while they present challenges and tragedy, the Corporation believes that through a focus on science, technology and a re-thinking about economic, social and environmental sustainability, the Corporation funding efforts and project developments can contribute to positive change in a world that has been forever changed.



Message from the CEO:


“We, myself and our team at World Lab Technologies, Inc. commit ourselves to meeting the unprecedented challenges that the world currently faces. We believe that through our dedication to science, technology and execution of Impact Projects, we can make positive, meaningful and practical change.


We must start from a concrete and solid foundation and we have identified significant projects in the World, where we believe such impact can be made with both short-term and long-term benefits.

The world in 2020 has been forever changed in a short amount of time. Our corporation was founded precisely based on our belief that we can work together to meet these changes and challenges and ultimately make a positive and profound difference.”

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