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PRESS RELEASE: Regarding our offer to AC Milan and Elliot Management

Photo: Stadium Avenue




We wish to draw attention to recent publicity regarding our offer for the purchase of AC Milan and we confirm that our offer is genuine and still at the tables of Elliot Management for consideration. We are even prepared to increase our offering even considering the commercial value of AC Milan as mentioned by Forbes ( The World’s Most Valuable Soccer Teams: Barcelona Edges Real Madrid To Land At No. 1 For First Time)

is worth more than twice the purported value excluding further investments of Euro400m for ensuring future development of AC Milan that will include supporters club and their involvement and bringing back AC Milan to its’ forma glory. Add to this, provisions of further investments have been earmarked for AC Milan share in the proposed new stadium development. We are ready the moment Elliot Management considers our proposal and meet with their senior management and enter into agreements including providing Elliot Management with our financial credentials.

We also take note of the recent confirmation of a purported offer from LVMH that they have no interest in acquiring AC Milan and that World Lab Technologies is the only real offer current available not just to Elliot Management, but the only real offer that ensures future development and investments that will bring back AC Milan to be considered to be within the Top 10 Clubs in the World.

Alexandr Jucov

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