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In Moldova’s long history based on its strategic location, literally at the intersection of the European and Asian continents,


Moldova has played an integral part as gateway from East to
West and vice versa. Since the country’s independence in 1991, she has sought to maintain a position of relative neutrality, while enhancing her national identity.


Over the past 15 years, Moldova has gradually increased its GDP and transformed itself to a largely service based


Progress has been made, but much work lays ahead.

This year, 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges to the entire world, including to Moldova.  As nations have retreated behind its own borders as a result of the on-going pandemic, while considering each of their individual positions within a global network that has been altered forever,


smaller nations that can be managed more rapidly and with greater efficiency have not
only an opportunity but possibly a critical responsibility to provide solutions towards rebuilding
economic, social and cultural bridges.

Countries such as Singapore, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates, play critical roles in global finance and trade, each serving as both gateway and bridge between some of the world’s largest economies.


Moldova has the foundations to emerge from these challenging times as a similarly important hub for finance and trade, but with its own unique characteristics and relationships. Through clear Vision, practical management supported by sound government policies, and experienced leadership, Moldova can resolve the current crisis not only in a healthy manner, but establish itself in the critical years ahead as an important hub for international
finance, trade and innovation, re-claiming its position as the Key between East and West. Let us work together in this Present to build a new Moldova, with an eye towards a sustainable Future, rooted in our rich Past.

I want to bring experience of financial success, innovation and a strong vision for “Family, Equality and Unity” for all Moldova citizens, to turn Moldova into a Financial Hub and neutral Power Centre through sound fiscal and judiciary policies. We can learn from international experiences, but we will apply lessons in unique ways to our homeland. This will not be easy, and many critics will question if it is realistic, but any change starts with Vision, and my Vision for Moldova is backed by practical and realistic steps.

I want to show that my Vision is not just a dream but a realistic goal to change Moldova’s present and create a future identity where Moldova may be small but can grow strong and each citizen can say with pride that he or she is citizen of Moldova.

Changes in our financial system and business climate will improve Moldova as an investment destination; infrastructure, renewable energy, which is a big part of my personal background, and digital technologies will create new job opportunities; pension and healthcare systems reform will slowly increase reliability and new education initiatives with specific focus on technical training will instill new skills in our youth and our future. This all sounds like a lot, but it begins with pointing our country towards this New Destination and then getting her to move step by step.

My Vision is ambitious, but it is practical. I would like to show how with sound structural policies we can build a reliable, trustworthy and pragmatic country of Moldova.

A country is like a ship, and Moldova in recent years has drifted without a clear aim. I know how to steer our beloved ship in a clear and bright direction. Practical change will then come step by step.

Alexandr Jucov

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